Window Shopper

(Sophie, you’s a window shopper …)

This week: Brian wants a Babbling Asshole alarm; the medication commercial cold open; “The Simpsons” on vacation; should Jeff add a song to his opening fanfare?; Technical Difficulties; a teacher who was drunk in class will not be charged; Brother Cool Hand send bad memes; funcle; drinking in school; regrettably, Brian’s son is a Long Beard Guy; if Joe pardons Hunter; Irish coffee; Jeff saw Godzilla: Minus One; Japan is a harmless culture since they got the nukes; Joey Chestnut was banned from the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest; Jeff’s ex-wife; Jeffrey Jones (the actor); who would you fuck, between Ferris and Cameron; the old man who was slingshotting his neighbors died; some finer details on Balloonfest ‘86; teachers were trying to set up a foursome with male students; Jeff plays a scene from “Boondock Saints”; someone took the song “Window Shopper” and made a 1950s tune out of it; Conway Fiddy; and Dave Landeau.