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TGO Radio’s 10th Anniversary, Episode Two (2009 & 2010)


More of this nonsense.

The second installment of the TGO Radio 10th anniversary podcasts includes what is easily the most reviled segment in show history, the notorious “eight hours of rape” break. Also, what the Hokey Pokey would be like at a retard prom, and a chiropractor who jerks off on a woman’s back. Full episode contents can be read here.

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TGO Radio’s 10th Anniversary, Episode One (2008 & 2009)


Hey, look at us not shitting our pants!

Ten years ago today – May 11, 2005 – TGO Radio recorded its first episode in a cramped, hot-as-fuck studio. That first season – six episodes in total – was terrible, but over the years the hosts and the content grew to become the polished, better sounding pile of terrible it is today. Here is the first of several podcasts celebrating our 10th anniversary, with pieces from 2008 (season two) and 2009 (seasons two and three). Contents here! iTunes here!