Monthly Archives: April 2024

Shaved Ham

(Heat up a bag of shaved ham, boys.)

It’s a long one this week, listen as A.I. Joe and A.I. Don debut their new campaign ads! Also: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees were announced; The Harvey Weinstein New York verdict was overturned; the boys give relationship advice about the Waffle Stomp; the smell when you eat two-and-a-half bowls of Cheerios in a day; go-to cereals; store brand foods; watching shitty movies; The Human Centipede; a missing man was found dead after some definitely not gay activity; Hannibal; the man who killed his friend because of Bigfoot was convicted; LBJ was a creep; a man died from a boner drug overdose at a priest’s gay sex orgy; the life of Tom Griswold at parties; Brian made a pilgrimage to the Bob and Tom studio; want to buy a flame throwing robot dog?; napalm in the morning; the guy who set himself on fire; a man who built a raft and went floating is missing; the last teacher sex story we’re going to do this year; Brawndo; Benson; and finally, shaved ham and steamed hams.

Inside of Crazy

(Stop fucking guys with IQs of 75.)

This week’s show was definitely not recorded at the same time as last week’s show, featuring: Brian got raped at the casino; Updates and Corrections (Alyssa Zinger was banging more teenage boys than they thought, and Lauren Boebert’s son is a dirtbag); Jeff circles back to Caitlin Clark; eclipse recap; Brian’s been reading a book about eugenics and is having trouble disagreeing with some of the points; a man pointed a gun at a Burger King employee on Easter morning; Brian is a sucker for R. Budd Dwyer and Triangle Shirtwaist Factory jokes; St. Louis TV station referred to black homeowners as colored; a man jerked off on food at a Safeway; the Perv Switch; a man faked his death in order to not pay child support; a comic book sold for $6 million; and finally, Joker 2 and La La Land.

Brown Gravy

(Dead and gone, finally.)

Instant-ish analysis of the OJ Simpson death! Brian was having a bad day until he got the news Simpson (aka “The Gravy”) died, so let’s talk about it, along with: Doug, Brian’s having mic trouble, Kool and the Gang, vile gassers, Snoop, 69ing isn’t fun when you’re older, The Cos reacts to the Gravy’s death, “The View” had a take on it, Mr. Wise’s mustache, Fred and Joy, OJ’s medication, and AI Don.

10 Minutes to Lockerbie

(Pro-pussy since 2005.)

TGO Radio has its first “celebrity endorser.” Also, AI is creepy; revisiting the Batman Heimlich maneuver clip from last week; Brian’s world tour updates; Caitlyn Clark, would ya?; white people love the eclipse; making sure blind people hear the eclipse; the Heaven’s Gate cult mass suicide; how to get very, very famous, very, very fast; the Cos weighs in on Heaven’s Gate; the Away Team; a man was arrested for eating someone’s leg; the Heaven’s Gate cult still maintains a website; Alan O’day, Helen Reddy, and Vicki Lawrence.