Monthly Archives: February 2020

S13E02: All Touch, No Go

This week’s new episode is nearly two hours long, and includes: A crack head calls Jeff old, Brian’s latest run-in with drunken assholes, Jeff wanted to fight a guy at the bowling alley, the maraca in Foriegner’s song “Double Vision,” the first installment of “People Who Need to Die This Week,” Corona updates, a third world update, a 71-year-old man points a gun at a whore, a man is banned from bringing a lifesize cut out of Trump to dialysis, teens told to suck toes instead of having sex, Jeff made his last child support payment, a dead woman and two dead horses, a drunk guy pulls a Kennedy, the flat earther who pulled a John Denver, “Afternoon Delight,” and more.


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S13E01: Sex Doll News

Season 13 has begun! This week: Jeff is old, Brian is super duper fat, new audio for 2020, Stupid Trump, an interactive sex doll experience in Las Vegas, Adam Driver, sex doll funerals, Vietnamese man has been sleeping with his wife’s corpse for 16 years, if you can’t tell the truth about someone when they’re dead, when can you tell it?, Canadian man burns $1 million so his ex-wife can’t get it, Instagram “artist” pulls a predictable piece of shit move, a porn movie was shot in a gas station, prank calls, and disjointed Oscar picks.

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