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American Hitler

(“He’ll be cryin’ himself to sleep tonight on his huge pilla.”)

This week: Someone figured out how Hitler would have sounded in English, American Hitler opens the show, who is American Hitler’s enemy?, Jimmy Carter, Jim Norton married a guy with tits, Code Red, how they got rid of clap in the old days, the French, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees, A Pimp Named Slickback, a man jumped into a lion enclosure with predictable results, an Old Timey Guy bit completely falls apart, a man wearing a kilt is caught sticking antiques in his ass, the East Alcatraz Crime Museum, a man poses as a woman and “tricks” two men into some glory hole action, Rodney Carrington, a man threw a pillow at his mother, a huge pilla, and finally, American Hitler closes us out.

Barbecue Ribs

(In town it was well known, when they got home at night, their fat and psychopathic wives would thrash them, within inches of their lives.)

Recorded on Super Bowl Sunday, Brian predicts his Beloved Niners losing to the Chiefs. Also, vehicle repairs, Lombardi trophy talk, an audio only podcast is going to, once again, watch some videos (Jeff’s “colonoscopy,” a female cop dispenses knuckle justice to a walking pig-woman, and Taylor’s dumper – see them all on the Twitter machine), Updates and Corrections (June Lockhart and Ernest Hemingway’s suicide), OJ Simpson has cancer, we deserve Biden and Trump, King Charles has cancer, “alternative medicine,” Bob Marley’s cancer, cops broke up a meth ring at a Dairy Queen, Jeff hates banana splits, bleeding, and wires on the desk.

Waffle Stomp

(Knowing me, knowing you.)

This week, some news we missed during the break, including: A sex party at a Taco Bell, the Vince McMahon lawsuit, if you had to fuck in a restaurant, which would it be?, a puppeteer with big hands, Gordon Ramsey, The D, overdosing at a Taco Bell, female teachers are still fucking boys (Story One, Story Two), Trixie’s co-worker, you just know Travis Kelce is murdering Taylor Swift’s pussy, a university chancellor was fired for making porn with his wife, a male nurse was fired for prolonged and repeated harassment, “Lollipop” by the Chordettes, Chubby Checker, and finally, near as we can tell, getting older is all about taking a good shit.

Justices of the Piece

Welcome us back, savages.

Year 19, season 17 begins! This week: New music, Brian has a name for our first album, Jeff’s dream, already thinking about the last shows of the year, Brian met a girl with Summer teeth, the 2024 Dead Pool, Updates and Corrections from the break: Causes of death for Ron Sexton and Matthew Perry, the first appearance of Old Timey Guy, Suzanna Gibson, teenagers are listening, the underage montage, “Aces High”, Lauren Boebert, Stephen Hawking, and finally, Ernest Hemingway and Abraham Lincoln.


Surprise Christmas “Special”


At first, we were going to do a Video Store Christmas thing, but in the end decided to babble about the Dead Pool, Jimmy Carter, Jeff forgetting that we bet on the Dead Pool, revisiting the tiny house idea, Jeff and Trixie sold their old house, Out of Context Audio, streaming, Jeff had Corona and drove all the way home from work to shit, Brian decided to had sex, how much would Brian pay for pussy?, not doing presents anymore, our next anniversary show, the world today, watching TV with Lemon, next year’s Video Store episodes (so far), Oppenheimer, bone records, upcoming movies, Bobby Lee, and finally, the casino.

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Video Store: I Am Shauna Rae

“The Mystery Man Who Answered the Call from Central Casting”

As long as I Am Shauna Rae is on the air, TGO Radio will finish out its year by watching an episode. This year, Season Two Episode Four, where Shauna Rae surprisingly bypasses the Midgie with a Heart of Gold in favor some eight-foot-tall hunky foreigner with an ten pack. They met online! Allegedly! As always, feel free to watch the episode before we dive in.

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Video Store: You Bet Your Life

Swing (?) and a miss.

On June 16th, we gathered to watch a game show that turned up on March 18th, for a podcast episode that will post on November 25th. As always, we encourage you to watch the video before listening.

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This week begins with the Boys watching a trailer for the documentary Immediate Family (watch along here), then continues with: waking up early, beauty college girls, Trixie jokes, Brian bought nudes from a stranger for the first time, Brian and Jeff saw each other in the wild, Natalee Holloway and Patrice Oneal, haunted pussy, a dead man’s body was mistaken for a Halloween decoration, China Grove, Nebraska funeral home worker was arrested for fucking a dead man’s sex doll, lifeless gaze and gays, Asian jerk joints, a woman stole a car to drive to a stripper interview, being white is awesome, a long series of Deadwood references no one will understand, and finally, a Christmas special? (Recorded October 19, 2023.)

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Black Sling Blade

Hard to believe this guy was making meth.

This week, Poutine on the Ritz. Also, Brian got a letter from the casino, they found more submersible pieces, the McDonald’s app, Ridley Scott on digitally removing Sigourney Weaver’s pubes, a skydiver fell on someone’s driveway, Brian can’t remember the name Selena Gomez, a Minneapolis police officer pulled over a man who subscribes to her OnlyFans, Big Dick Blaque, Black Sling Blade, Michigan State students discovered their professor used to cook meth, Hunter Biden, and Brian predicts the Phillies beating the Braves.(Recorded October 12, 2023.)

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A Mouth is a Mouth

Jeff says a mouth is a mouth.

Brian almost had to sue Trixie. Also, Christmas vacation, bodily sounds, staring at your phone, baseball, Super Humman, Jeff says a mouth is a mouth, an update on the guy with an emotional support alligator, Casino, flavored dental floss, a pig breaks into a house and starts biting people, the pizza arrives, Trini and Tranny Lopez, a second grade teacher was drunk in class, Biden’s dog, a succulent Chinese meal, a dental receptionist “sexually assaulted” a teenage boy, and finally, “Hot Legs.” (Recorded September 7, 2023.)

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