Monthly Archives: March 2014

S08E08: Sin is Awesome


Yep. Sin is pretty awesome.

While some conservative talk show guy argues Frozen is turning kids gay, TGO Radio takes the position that sin is the bee’s knees. Also, Shaggy would like to tap some black ass, a report saying that in the end Osama bin Laden was nothing but a creamy soup, that missing plane, and Jerry Sandusky’s stupid, enabeling wife.

S08E07: Quack Like a Duck

Screenshot from 2014-03-10 06:53:21


This week’s show is equally derailed by the Duke student / porn star Belle Knox and The GOAT and Your MOM, whose song “Quack Like a Duck” is a sensation (and should be.) We took a week off and rested for this? Yes. Yes, we did.

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