Monthly Archives: July 2021

Mini Episode #3: Racism, the Musical; Gay Escorts for GOP; Pervert Teacher

This week’s mini episode features one never before heard clip (from February this year) about racism in 1940s music, a rare clip from the only episode Brian ever recorded alone (in July 2016) about gay escorts at the Republican National Convention, and a clip from an episode that is no longer available (from November 2011) about an old teacher jerking his disgrace of a rod in class.

S14E09: Fake Angry (Episode 200)

Brian is “very angry” about things.

This week, a “blockbuster” 200th episode seven years in the making, including: Getting old is expensive; Bill Cosby is free; The Cos attempts stand up comedy again; Andrea Constand looks like 50 different people; Allison Mack was sentenced for recruiting girls into a sex cult; Brian doesn’t understand how sex cults could possibly work in 2021 (he also didn’t like Midsommar); Guns ‘N’ Roses; a racist white guy invited anyone who disagreed with him to his house, and 100 people show up; Fake Angry; how the characters we play on this show work; live news at the scene of the snow storm; an escape plan for fucking crazy girls; and Brian had a dream he fucked this girl’s mouth.

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Mini Episode #2: The Best of The Cos

This July 4th, let freedom ring for America’s favorite rapist! For the entire time Bill Cosby has been in trouble with the law, The Cos has been a TGO Radio favorite. This collection contains some of our favorite clips, beginning with his first appearance on the show in 2015 and continuing through his jailhouse shenanigans, along with other pop-up visits when you least expect him.