Monthly Archives: March 2024

Better Late Than Never

(Make a fist and press it against me …)

Brian apologizes for his voice and all the coughing, but he’s been sick all week. And because he’s been sick, he didn’t do any show prep, but he’s been keeping notes: Recording every week is tough sometimes; panda pussy must be the worst; last week was our 300th episode; Brian hit at the casino; Jeff’s dog is a bad guard dog; Hunter Biden’s big mistake was banging a stripper without a bag (b/w Crazy Eyes); the Ups; Biden v. Trump is like picking the best suicide method; Five Guys; Brian almost fell down; AI music prompts; Batman sucks as a crime fighter; Joker 2; Batman and the Heimlich Maneuver; Henry Ford was a cunt; Prohibition; the progressive era (here’s the eugenics doc Brian mentioned); Sick Dick; and finally, Batman asks Robin to make a fist.

Boiling Point

(Canned shit.)

Another very silly episode: A business was selling Dunkin’ Donuts as vegan, Eric Carmen died, Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson has a perfect gimmick for chasing pussy, Brian is tired of people pretending they wouldn’t fuck Kim Kardashian, speaking of gimmicks, Jeff is tired of your gluten allergy gimmick, old audio from a man claiming he’s Jesus after he broke into a Pizza Hut, the Last Supper, Pizza Jesus’ mom speaks, Jeff doesn’t like The Who, Personal Pan Pizzas, Brian called Pizza Hut at the height of Covid, “On the Bowl Again,” Canned Heat, and finally, Steve Austin tells you how to use soap and toothpaste.

Dinty Moore Hack

(Two old idiots, babbling again.)

If you need to hear two fossils babbling about nothing, this is the show for you: Jeff’s house appraiser found out about the podcast, playing a character, having another family across town, Brian sat on his balls, Poor Things, Updates and Corrections on the Oscars, intermissions, bumper stickers are on the way, trying to be good, chicken nuggets, “Clown Nose” by No Time, the early days of this show were a goddamn embarrassment, Brian’s dad has trouble ordering things, Brian wants to fake his death, and some Kansas City Chiefs fans have to have frostbitten fingers amputated.

Fire Hosing

(“Poofy haired little beta fruit boy.”)

Brian drove through downtown to get to the studio. Also, “Frasier” has been renewed for a second season, Google’s AI has info about the show, Brian gives you the Oscar winners, the voice AI renewal is expensive, a teacher brought swords to school for kids to fight, Dune: Part Two, Timothée Chalamet is not masculine, high school kids were licking toes at a fundraiser, crunchy vs. creamy, Gabourey Sidibe is pregnant, the Florida Man Games, a mystery phrase on a bathroom wall leads to a minor inconvenience, a deputy was fired for asking high school girls for nudes, and finally, a man saw Margaret Thatcher in his pizza grease.

Video Store: Frasier

(Tossed salad, and our lunches.)

This is one of our wilder Video Stores, lots of fun this week. Brian makes a hall of fame Columbine joke and threatens to throw a drink in Jeff’s face, Jeff threatens to jump across the table, there’s an endless debate on Frasier’s son’s sexuality, and Brian proves he’s a modern sit com script writing genius, all watching the very bad first episode of the “Frasier” reboot.