Monthly Archives: October 2014

S08E31: The Virus of Peace


The virus of peace itself.

The Left treats Ebola like it does Islam – it’s not that the virus is bad, the problem is how we react to its awfulness. Also, Bill Clinton didn’t discriminate when it came to pussy, we were right about a doctor without a border bringing Ebola to the U.S., and more.

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S08E30: Football Night in America (Live)


Another irritating pregame show.

From Jeff’s home (Camp David), TGO Radio runs some (not great) audio tests for the Election Night show while watching NBC’s decidedly awful “Football Night in America.” It’s a lot of unfunny segments punctuated with a few pretty funny bits.

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S08E29: Ebola You Long Time


Too adorable for Ebola.

TGO Radio only tackles the pressing issues: the Ebola nurse is adorable. Also, the boys taste test the awful monster cereals, CNN’s annoying Ebola video, a 500-pound corpse sets fire to a crematory, a brief sports round-up, the week in witchcraft, Old Timey Guy makes an appearance, and too much more.

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