Monthly Archives: October 2014

S08E31: The Virus of Peace


The virus of peace itself.

The Left treats Ebola like it does Islam – it’s not that the virus is bad, the problem is how we react to its awfulness. Also, Bill Clinton didn’t discriminate when it came to pussy, we were right about a doctor without a border bringing Ebola to the U.S., and more.

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S08E29: Ebola You Long Time


Too adorable for Ebola.

TGO Radio only tackles the pressing issues: the Ebola nurse is adorable. Also, the boys taste test the awful monster cereals, CNN’s annoying Ebola video, a 500-pound corpse sets fire to a crematory, a brief sports round-up, the week in witchcraft, Old Timey Guy makes an appearance, and too much more.

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