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Worst of 2019 Episode Four

The last installment of the worst of 2019 is very Cos heavy. First, the Cos is giving lectures in prison, and a Fat Albert clip about a new retarded boy in class is examined. Then, the Spanish language play by play of the Bears losing a playoff game, a hazmat team is called to a home (and the Cos jumps in), the boys examine racist Kate Smith songs, and a man is sentenced to 60 days worth of weekends for trying to poison his wife. (You won’t be surprised to hear the Cos has an opinion here, too.)

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Worst of 2019 Episode One

This week begins the first of several episodes recapping the worst of 2019, including: A drunken buffoon flings shit around a $30 a night hotel in Memphis, a comatose woman gives birth, a woman services a guy for $5 and Pringles, a guy fiddles his rod in front of a pizza delivery girl, and a homeless drags a dead raccoon into a McDonald’s.

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