Monthly Archives: September 2014

S08E27: Anna Hall’s Bush


Anna Hall: This fine piece of ass birthed that genetic monster Eleanor Roosevelt.

This week: Atlas Shrugged Part 3, The Roosevelts, a snappy new NFL domestic violence stinger, threesomes with homeless, Brian might get blown by two chicks, sexy Hamburger Helper, and more, as if you could stand it.

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See you Monday, October 6th.





S08E26: Sweet Sugar Holes


Sweet, sweet sugar holes.

Brian managed to find the studio, which means another pedestrian episode of TGO Radio is available. This week: Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, George Zimmerman refuses to keep his head down, King Tut, Jack the Ripper, and more.

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S08E25: When Can We Stop Being Nice?

Celebrate Labor Day with TGO Radio, as the boys wonder when the world will finally stop being nice when dealing with Africans about Ebola, Michael Sam (the first gay who ever gayed) being cut by the St. Louis Rams, a dumb cunt teenage boy trying to zip line with a t-shirt, a preteen girl reading “erotica” on a school issued iPad, and too much more.

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