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S13E03: Maria Catanzarite

In a show recorded January 10th, Brian and Jeff travel back to the Music Village in South Bend, Indiana to interview WNDU news anchor Maria Catanzarite. Maria discusses growing up in South Bend, going to school at Cornell, wanting to work for ESPN, losing weight, depression and eating disorders, why she almost became a nun, favorite music, and more.

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S13E02: All Touch, No Go

This week’s new episode is nearly two hours long, and includes: A crack head calls Jeff old, Brian’s latest run-in with drunken assholes, Jeff wanted to fight a guy at the bowling alley, the maraca in Foriegner’s song “Double Vision,” the first installment of “People Who Need to Die This Week,” Corona updates, a third world update, a 71-year-old man points a gun at a whore, a man is banned from bringing a lifesize cut out of Trump to dialysis, teens told to suck toes instead of having sex, Jeff made his last child support payment, a dead woman and two dead horses, a drunk guy pulls a Kennedy, the flat earther who pulled a John Denver, “Afternoon Delight,” and more.


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S13E01: Sex Doll News

Season 13 has begun! This week: Jeff is old, Brian is super duper fat, new audio for 2020, Stupid Trump, an interactive sex doll experience in Las Vegas, Adam Driver, sex doll funerals, Vietnamese man has been sleeping with his wife’s corpse for 16 years, if you can’t tell the truth about someone when they’re dead, when can you tell it?, Canadian man burns $1 million so his ex-wife can’t get it, Instagram “artist” pulls a predictable piece of shit move, a porn movie was shot in a gas station, prank calls, and disjointed Oscar picks.

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S12E21: Jerry Cans and Gas Stations

This is a Jerry can.

This week: “Cat’s in the Kettle”, Jeff’s problems with traffic and other people, Disney+, Beto O’Rourke drops out, Robert Byrd’s senile racism, Joe Biden’s senility (and Corn Pop), “Ok Boomer” makes its debut, a hospital security guard was arrested for banging a corpse, a cop jerks off at a Luke Bryan concert – turns out, Luke Bryan is AWFUL, and you like his music, never listen again. Also, 15th anniversary ideas, and more.

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S12E20: The Big Number

The Big Number.

This week: Brian decided Joker is a masterpiece, but he understands why people are scared of it. Also: the Johnny Carson satellite channel, an update on the naked guy at Kent State, the original Charlie Brown voice actor is out of prison, the bird holocaust at the NASCAR museum, John Wayne Gacy’s property is for sale, and more.  Subscribe to TGO Radio: iTunes, Stitcher, Android Devices.

S12E19: A Drawn Out Crime

We’re trying.

Brian’s girl is one of the greats. Also: A man dressed as Elvis steals a sex toy, two boys put a porn movie on a digital billboard, the Nighttime Nailer is finally caught, half-naked guys at Kent State are hanging around sororities at night, the Jack Shack, a man faked a carjacking to cover up an affair, Brian forgets what show he’s on and gets serious for a few minutes, and more. Subscribe to TGO Radio: iTunes, Stitcher, Android Devices.

S12E18: Funemployment


Brian’s still unemployed. Also: A man playing an “Enter Sandman” drum cover with dildos, Bang Bros wants to name a stadium, a cousin fucker’s house was set on fire, Chicago church has a “crying” Virgin Mary painting, Leprosy has now hit LA bums, San Francisco bum bites a store owner twice, and he has a solution, and tons more.

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S12E17: Your Favorite Monthly Podcast

Once a month, whether we want to or not.

This week: Horrible gassers, Biden and Trump are both senile dummies, the Michigan racist and Nancy agree, the world’s fastest woman on four wheels predictably dies, “Push it to the Limit”, a Cleveland cop wins this week’s R. Kelly Award, Jeffrey Epstein, anti-gun guy ends up being a cunt, people wear underwear too long, Brian got fired, nerd talk, the awful Charlie’s Angels trailer, and more.

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S12E16: Shit Pants Frankenstein

Someone made a poopie.

When you’re at the movies, shut the fuck up. Also: Nancy the racist returns, an old man got an accidental circumcision, Jeff and spiders, Brian hates Forrest Gump, a man poisoned his wife and got 60 days in jail; the Cos elaborates, a gay man’s adopted mother is setting up a straight pride parade, the slave ship Tetris game, “Paradise City” and Nirvana, notes on being funny, Brian has no sex drive, Bareback Blaque vs. Big Dick Blaque, and more!

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S12E15: Hiroshima Anniversary Show

Yeah. Something like that.

This week, the boys cover the 74th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. Also: Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, Ebola is back, John Travolta tried to raise his son from the dead, an old woman drops the N-bomb on two women in a restaurant, and doubles down on it (and a racist new character Nancy is introduced), Brian wants to have the woman who peed on potatoes at Walmart shot, and too much more. Subscribe to TGO Radio: iTunes, Stitcher, Android Devices.