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S08E04: You, You, You, You, You


Improve yourself and the world around you by remembering that the vast majority of human activity has nothing to do with you, then shut the fuck up.

TGO Radio returns to explain how almost nothing you come into contact with is about you. Also, if an underage girl posts nude selfies of herself, should she be charged with child porn?

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Clip From S08E04: Beta Male Fruit Takes Offense from a Joke Not About Him

Screenshot from 2014-02-09 22:00:05

This sign is not about you. No matter what.

Few things are worse than overly sensitive men taking offense at jokes, and here the boys are compelled to defend a Vegas bar for this sign, which one effeminate man (and several other people, on Facebook) decided was about their sick kids, and not just a joke.


Interview: David Shoemaker, pro wrestling columnist, author of “The Squared Circle”

Screenshot from 2014-02-08 03:27:04

David Shoemaker’s “The Squared Circle”, available now.

Deadspin and Grandland columnist / podcaster David Shoemaker joins the boys to talk Jim Ross, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk, with passing discussions about the Montreal Screwjob and the WWE Network.

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S08E03: The Great Super Bowl Ass Pounding of 2014


It happens – where do you think the losing team’s shirts go?

This week the boys return to discuss Brian’s Beloved Denver Broncos getting passed around the Super Bowl like the new bitch at a biker gang initiation, why you should learn the streets in your town, and how Philip Seymour Hoffman is just another dead junkie. Featuring appearances by Old Timey Guy and Rodney.