Monthly Archives: May 2024

An Assembly Line of Shit


Here’s some news we missed because last week’s show was all about scumbag teachers: Three women caught HIV from “vampire facials”; Wuhan; a murder suspect was eating his victim’s face; “Charlie Brown”; Britain’s fattest man died; competitive eating; Mountain Dew Code Red; Harvey Weinstein’s cock; losing weight; Rodney Dangerfield; the Jack Shack; election night; Biden shit his pants; and finally, Andrew “Dice” gay (here’s a link to the clip).

Cheese Curd Rod

(Beat it, titless.)

Beginning it’s 20th year, this is TGO Radio. Jeff found a song for Doug; Brian tries to convince Jeff the show needs to head to Vegas for the 20th anniversary shows; the Tom Brady roast; Jeff Ross; Bea Arthur; Jeff wants to record a show drunk; Vegas hotels; gambling; Updates and Corrections (Wally Gator and Ric Flair); drunk Ric Flair was kicked out of a restaurant; a female teacher was fired for making out with an 11-year-old boy (and predictably, her marriage is off); another female teacher molested a 13-year-old girl; Jeff is old; a male teacher was jailed for taking perv pics of teenage girls; a teacher was fired for coming to work hammered; Jeff annoys his wife; and finally, angry things.

19th Anniversary “Special”

(CRANE DANGLES bwa ha ha ha ha)

This marks the 19th anniversary of our first episode, and we begin by wondering how much longer this can possibly go on. Then, Brian is never going to die and his dad is fat; the Giamattis; a harrowing casino story; if we were women we’d be millionaires; why is it always “furiously” jerking off; clips from seasons 6 in 2012 and 7 in 2013 (Brian’s crush, Bob Ross, and Crane Dangles); Brian talks about opening a gay Only Fans; a 2005 test show we lost; hearing me out; dark years; and finally, a tease for next week.