Monthly Archives: January 2022

S15E01: Boring the Nation

The country’s reaction to this show in a nutshell.

The mammoth 15th season of TGO Radio begins with an episode recorded last December 30th, including such topics as: Brian’s very exciting New Year’s Eve plans; special occasion movies; War of the Worlds; year 17, season 15; a lot of other podcasts babble about nothing, so we’re not going to feel bad for doing it; The King’s Man fucking stinks; Tom Holland will be Spider-Man forever; hot chicks on Dexter; Michael C. Hall is a bad singer; watching and analyzing the 1957 McGraw Hill educational classic How Much Affection?, which is about not fucking too soon; shitting a rope; Brian might try to date again next Spring; Brian’s cats eating his dead body; and a brief history of TGO Radio show producers.

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The Worst of 2021, Part Three

Worst of, concluding.

Next week, the beginning of season fifteen. But this week, the last episode recapping some of the worst of 2021, including: Dream celebrity threesomes, whether to bang certain actresses from the 1950s, and a breakdown of the Pittsburgh Steelers fight video.

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The Worst of 2021, Part Two

Worst of, continued.

The worst of the year that was continues with Hitler’s toilet seat, Eva Braun’s panties, the Boys watching a sexual harassment training video, a man jerks off until he has a stroke, Fleshlights, Brian’s dad and the Internet, and a young dude who repairs old typewriters.

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