Monthly Archives: October 2020

S13E15: My Sharona


This week, Jeff makes a real old man of himself by fumbling with audio on a website. Also: Updates and Corrections; a question on whether “My Sharona” belongs in the underage song clip compilaton; Sharona was a real girl; Jeffrey Toobin ushers in a new era of “Leave Yourself Alone”; a tire shop owner puts up a “White Lives Matter” sign; Chase bank won’t let Brian open a DraftKings account; Biden is going to win 35 states, and he’s a complete dullard; ganger; Jay Oakerson makes a Rob Halford joke; Jay Oakerson and sharp farts; racism; Brian’s Dad; election speculation; and social media.

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S13E14: Your Smell of Smells

Could still get it.

Jeff brings a sixer to the recording, and things get funnier as the show goes on. Including: Brian needs a verdict on a jailbait song; the Braves win; Jeff’s visit to Corona-restricted Vegas; Buffalo Bill’s house is for sale; Sarah Silverman could still get it; Election Night; a mad shitter in Van Buren County, Michigan; Led Zeppelin and the Supreme Court; Eddie and Alex Van Halen; a popular Catholic school teacher caught fucking a kid; Bill Cosby didn’t like pregnant Lisa Bonet; drunk girls almost kill themselves, but somehow it’s not their fault; a man in India covers himself in shit; 800 punds of used bags confiscated in Vietnam; a tribute to EVH.

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*REPOST* S13E13: Edge of the World

It’s not the point, that I’m 40 years older.

Brian plays an elaborate joke on Jeff, who actually gets up to leave the show. There’s a long discussion of Brian’s recent break-up, and then, at minute 50, some news: An Abraham Lincoln impersonator was arrested for producing child porn; a woman attacked her father over his farts; a Bertie Higgins / “Key Largo” break; Deep Purple; the snare sound on the “St. Anger” album; someone broke into a house and shit in a dishwasher; a flat Earth couple had to be rescued in their boat; a man running for local office stands by calling black people “monkey”; and finally, a very, very, very long Bertie Higgins break, including watching to a live set from a few years ago that must be seen to be believed.

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