S15E12: Monkey Tank

Thanks for dressing up for the interview.

Pre-theme this week, Brian is fat and Shlippers revisited. Post-theme, it’s visiting Vegas; Brian’s grass is too tall; a woman took a shit in the aisle of a beauty supply store; Brian doesn’t understand why more people aren’t summarily executed; the Buffalo shooter’s manifesto is 187 pages; a cop got in trouble for sharing a Buffalo meme; Alec Baldwin’s wife is pregnant again; Updates and Corrections (Billie Eilish, The Pentaverate, Andy Dick); Mr. Fister and Fister Roboto; Plan B; a San Jose cop started jerking off in front of witnesses; a smiley face dick head; a woman plants child porn on her husband’s phone in order to win a custody case; and a woman talks about feeding Cheetos to spider monkeys, for some reason.

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