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The Absolute Worst of 2014, Part One


Charles Barkley, asked to comment on this TGO Radio compilation.

And now, 2014 in review, episode one, including: The chinless wonder who sued a stripper, a dummy hit by a train, Brian is annoyed by old people, foreigners, and Burger King, a 900 pound woman is moved from her bedroom, an all-time great one liner from Jeff, and the now infamous Blind Tiger break.

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Clip From S08E04: Beta Male Fruit Takes Offense from a Joke Not About Him

Screenshot from 2014-02-09 22:00:05

This sign is not about you. No matter what.

Few things are worse than overly sensitive men taking offense at jokes, and here the boys are compelled to defend a Vegas bar for this sign, which one effeminate man (and several other people, on Facebook) decided was about their sick kids, and not just a joke.