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S10E05: Podcast of the Year



On this week’s extra long episode: Children are the future, in case you missed the entirety of the 1990s. ALSO: The hot new game “Dodging Arrows”, a woman fucks two dogs, Texas rednecks think they found evidence of “Noah’s Flood”, Alabama teachers really don’t want to stop fucking kids, and much more.

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S10E04: Did Somebody Say “Keep on Rocking”, Mean Gene?


Mean Gene is a sexy motherfucker.

Hulk Hogan won $115 million from stupid Gawker, the boys watch the unbearably douchey music video of Rick Derringer and Mean Gene Okerlund’s version of “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo”, a man uses AOL to get nudes from his daughter, Old Timey Guy returns, Jared got his balls beaten off in prison, and more!

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S10E03: An Evening with The GOAT


The GOAT tolerated our questions. Listen now!

The G.O.A.T. (of The G.O.A.T. and Your M.O.M. fame) agreed to answer our shitty questions, and with us discussed these topics and others: The upcoming Ass to Mouth tour, why you never see retarded Asians, Slayer and AC/DC, the girl who threw up on Brian’s cock and couch, “Quack Like a Duck”, and much more.

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S10E02: Technical Difficulties

Again. Fucking again.

A sudden, new background hum hangs over the show, but that doesn’t stop discussions about a possible upcoming interview with the GOAT (from The G.O.A.T. and Your M.O.M.), a college refusing to sell energy drinks, what risky sex would be for Brian’s fat ass, and more.

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S10E01: Springtime for Hitler


Never mind these limp dicks, we’re your REAL friends.

Season ten arrives with a recap of Jeff’s wedding, which Brian officiated. ALSO: “Springtime for Hitler“, “The French Mystique”, Star Wars, Deadpool, Hail, Caesar!, and some nerd stuff that had to be edited significantly, or else it would have put you to fucking sleep. (Not known for our season openers.)

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S09E10: 20 Favorite Albums Part One (of Three)


Awwwwww yeah.

Part one of the three part “favorite albums” series, hosted by Brian and Jeff, because why bother to record three new shows when you can just take another month off? Anyway, you may like some of these songs, albums # 20 through Brian’s # 14.

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S09E09: A Very Mediocre Christmas


Nancy Reagan caught up in a BBC scandal.

In advance of out “20 Favorite Albums” special(s), TGO Radio presents “A Very Mediocre Christmas.” Listen as the boys discuss an awful Sammy Hagar album, the Hot, New Terrorists, and so much other random nonsense.

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S09E08: Pastor Daddy


Actual picture of Brian after being ordained.

Brian took 30 seconds and became an ordained minister. ALSO: West Point pillow fights, a 16-year-old murderer with fake mental illnesses, a New York dentist loves spreading HIV / banging animals, and Throbbin’ Hood.

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