You Deserve to Hurt

If you do it, you deserve it.

This week, Brian forgets to turn the microphones up, and the goddamn dogs are barking again – how do we handle that? Also: Oddly colored shits; the Hep C Krew; Brian used to live by a Speedway gas station; whores on Adult Friend Finder; her tiny underwear; trophies; Brian has turned the corner on his ex-girlfriend’s pussy; an exquisite neck; Jeff’s ex-wife; strip clubs; eyebrows and nose hair; train trips and flying; physically perfect women; the 20th anniversary shows; underwear revisited; medium rare steaks; early history; dwarf bullfighting was banned in Spain b/w friends in crawl spaces; a white male politician says he’s a tranny female Indian now; Maxine Nightingale / Minnie Riperton; and Malt Fismey.

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