Shaved Ham

(Heat up a bag of shaved ham, boys.)

It’s a long one this week, listen as A.I. Joe and A.I. Don debut their new campaign ads! Also: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees were announced; The Harvey Weinstein New York verdict was overturned; the boys give relationship advice about the Waffle Stomp; the smell when you eat two-and-a-half bowls of Cheerios in a day; go-to cereals; store brand foods; watching shitty movies; The Human Centipede; a missing man was found dead after some definitely not gay activity; Hannibal; the man who killed his friend because of Bigfoot was convicted; LBJ was a creep; a man died from a boner drug overdose at a priest’s gay sex orgy; the life of Tom Griswold at parties; Brian made a pilgrimage to the Bob and Tom studio; want to buy a flame throwing robot dog?; napalm in the morning; the guy who set himself on fire; a man who built a raft and went floating is missing; the last teacher sex story we’re going to do this year; Brawndo; Benson; and finally, shaved ham and steamed hams.