Better Late Than Never

(Make a fist and press it against me …)

Brian apologizes for his voice and all the coughing, but he’s been sick all week. And because he’s been sick, he didn’t do any show prep, but he’s been keeping notes: Recording every week is tough sometimes; panda pussy must be the worst; last week was our 300th episode; Brian hit at the casino; Jeff’s dog is a bad guard dog; Hunter Biden’s big mistake was banging a stripper without a bag (b/w Crazy Eyes); the Ups; Biden v. Trump is like picking the best suicide method; Five Guys; Brian almost fell down; AI music prompts; Batman sucks as a crime fighter; Joker 2; Batman and the Heimlich Maneuver; Henry Ford was a cunt; Prohibition; the progressive era (here’s the eugenics doc Brian mentioned); Sick Dick; and finally, Batman asks Robin to make a fist.