S14E09: Fake Angry (Episode 200)

Brian is “very angry” about things.

This week, a “blockbuster” 200th episode seven years in the making, including: Getting old is expensive; Bill Cosby is free; The Cos attempts stand up comedy again; Andrea Constand looks like 50 different people; Allison Mack was sentenced for recruiting girls into a sex cult; Brian doesn’t understand how sex cults could possibly work in 2021 (he also didn’t like Midsommar); Guns ‘N’ Roses; a racist white guy invited anyone who disagreed with him to his house, and 100 people show up; Fake Angry; how the characters we play on this show work; live news at the scene of the snow storm; an escape plan for fucking crazy girls; and Brian had a dream he fucked this girl’s mouth.

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