S13E09: No One Gets a Pass

It’s NO PASS Saturday!

Nerf six-shooters are introduced, predictable chaos ensues. Also: Brian’s cat is racist; Vivid – the porn company – has a radio channel; the Cos is headed back to court; load bearing pussies; a Florida restaurant manager renamed chicken wings the “I Can’t Breathe” wings; a pizza place had an 80-pound iguana in its freezer; “Mambo No. 5”; a Disney cast member was arrested for jerking off at a car dealership; Ford won’t unveil the new Bronco on Orenthal’s birthday; alcoholic monkey kills one and wounds 250; a woman kneed a small boy in the balls; the British have to rescue a ton of fatsos; Ron Jeremy might be a rapist; “Rape No. 5” by Lou Cosby; and more.

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