S09E09: A Very Mediocre Christmas


Nancy Reagan caught up in a BBC scandal.

In advance of out “20 Favorite Albums” special(s), TGO Radio presents “A Very Mediocre Christmas.” Listen as the boys discuss an awful Sammy Hagar album, the Hot, New Terrorists, and so much other random nonsense.

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S09E08: Pastor Daddy


Actual picture of Brian after being ordained.

Brian took 30 seconds and became an ordained minister. ALSO: West Point pillow fights, a 16-year-old murderer with fake mental illnesses, a New York dentist loves spreading HIV / banging animals, and Throbbin’ Hood.

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S09E06: International Airports


How about we not name airports after people who died in plane crashes?

This week: Will Rogers International Airport and its logical counterparts. ALSO: Ron Dice, the Eric Clapton Memorial Balcony, the always classic Casey Kasem meltdown, and guilty pleasure songs.

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S09E05: The Depository Shuffle


Do the Depository Shuffle!

Enjoy this week’s average offering, where the boys correct the record on their Cliff Burton death mistakes, discuss a man’s K-Mart in-store music archive, tackle Survivor and Survivor, pay all due respect to The Time’s “Jungle Love,” and do the Depository Shuffle. ALSO: Brian has to wear the Retard Helmet.

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S09E04: Pepperidge Farm Remembers


Remember that time you paid a hooker to watch you cry? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

NEW: Listen as Brian and Jeff misremember details of Cliff Burton’s death! ALSO: Stephen Hawking doesn’t like Capitalism, a young dude can’t handle his high, a homeless man uses a human skull as a puppet, a pastor is weirdly arrested for sexual assault, Pepperidge Farm is the Illuminati, and more.

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TGO Radio 10th Anniversary, Episode Six


Another 10th Anniversary Podcast! Meh.

Back to the 10th anniversary episodes, this week covering shows recorded in 2012. First, the world’s fattest woman is fucking the fat away, Brian’s STD scare, and that time those Australian radio hosts prank called a hospital and a phone slap killed herself.

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S09E03: Dear Nicole Arbour


Ladies and gentlemen, here they are, Nicole Arbour.

Nicole Arbour’s “Dear Fat People” video is substantively on point, she’s just not funny. Also, “Dear Fat People” response videos, other Nicole videos (including stand up), TGO Radio is corrupting America’s youth, always cum before you make big decisions, and (finally) an examination of that classic Jimmy Dean customer complaint call.

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S09E02: Shit Will be Thrown



This week, the boys hatch a plan where Brian officiates Jeff’s upcoming wedding, and eventually ask his fiancĂ© about it. Also: Hillary Clinton looks like Jar Jar Binks, Jodie Sweetin’s huge feeders, famous dudes love whores, the girl who puked on Brian’s couch, and the worst laptop in the podcast business almost gets thrown across the street.

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S09E01: Innie Pussies and Hiroshima


Bet you were looking for the innie pussy. HOW DARE YOU.

Join Brian Wise, Jeff Durant, and an annoying background hum for the first new episode of TGO Radio in nine months. This slightly above mediocre show includes references to exploded Reubens, Bill Cosby and pudding, Cindy Williams and her scars, Waylon Flowers and Madame, and Hiroshima.

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