S10E01: Springtime for Hitler


Never mind these limp dicks, we’re your REAL friends.

Season ten arrives with a recap of Jeff’s wedding, which Brian officiated. ALSO: “Springtime for Hitler“, “The French Mystique”, Star Wars, Deadpool, Hail, Caesar!, and some nerd stuff that had to be edited significantly, or else it would have put you to fucking sleep. (Not known for our season openers.)

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S09E08: Pastor Daddy


Actual picture of Brian after being ordained.

Brian took 30 seconds and became an ordained minister. ALSO: West Point pillow fights, a 16-year-old murderer with fake mental illnesses, a New York dentist loves spreading HIV / banging animals, and Throbbin’ Hood.

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S09E05: The Depository Shuffle


Do the Depository Shuffle!

Enjoy this week’s average offering, where the boys correct the record on their Cliff Burton death mistakes, discuss a man’s K-Mart in-store music archive, tackle Survivor and Survivor, pay all due respect to The Time’s “Jungle Love,” and do the Depository Shuffle. ALSO: Brian has to wear the Retard Helmet.

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S09E04: Pepperidge Farm Remembers


Remember that time you paid a hooker to watch you cry? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

NEW: Listen as Brian and Jeff misremember details of Cliff Burton’s death! ALSO: Stephen Hawking doesn’t like Capitalism, a young dude can’t handle his high, a homeless man uses a human skull as a puppet, a pastor is weirdly arrested for sexual assault, Pepperidge Farm is the Illuminati, and more.

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