S13E04: It’s China’s Fault

Commies, man.

The Hot New Plague has kept us from recording, but here we are with a surprise new episode! This week: Headphone difficulties, everyone is a pandemic expert now, Trump Bux, WrestleMania, not missing sports, Tiger King, Letterkenny, the movies, blowjob negotiations, Joe Biden’s podcast, what Trump could say to win, the Democrats’ adept fucking of Bernie Sanders, the Boy Mayor, sirloin steak gassers, and more!

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S13E03: Maria Catanzarite

In a show recorded January 10th, Brian and Jeff travel back to the Music Village in South Bend, Indiana to interview WNDU news anchor Maria Catanzarite. Maria discusses growing up in South Bend, going to school at Cornell, wanting to work for ESPN, losing weight, depression and eating disorders, why she almost became a nun, favorite music, and more.

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S13E02: All Touch, No Go

This week’s new episode is nearly two hours long, and includes: A crack head calls Jeff old, Brian’s latest run-in with drunken assholes, Jeff wanted to fight a guy at the bowling alley, the maraca in Foriegner’s song “Double Vision,” the first installment of “People Who Need to Die This Week,” Corona updates, a third world update, a 71-year-old man points a gun at a whore, a man is banned from bringing a lifesize cut out of Trump to dialysis, teens told to suck toes instead of having sex, Jeff made his last child support payment, a dead woman and two dead horses, a drunk guy pulls a Kennedy, the flat earther who pulled a John Denver, “Afternoon Delight,” and more.


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S13E01: Sex Doll News

Season 13 has begun! This week: Jeff is old, Brian is super duper fat, new audio for 2020, Stupid Trump, an interactive sex doll experience in Las Vegas, Adam Driver, sex doll funerals, Vietnamese man has been sleeping with his wife’s corpse for 16 years, if you can’t tell the truth about someone when they’re dead, when can you tell it?, Canadian man burns $1 million so his ex-wife can’t get it, Instagram “artist” pulls a predictable piece of shit move, a porn movie was shot in a gas station, prank calls, and disjointed Oscar picks.

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Worst of 2019 Episode Four

The last installment of the worst of 2019 is very Cos heavy. First, the Cos is giving lectures in prison, and a Fat Albert clip about a new retarded boy in class is examined. Then, the Spanish language play by play of the Bears losing a playoff game, a hazmat team is called to a home (and the Cos jumps in), the boys examine racist Kate Smith songs, and a man is sentenced to 60 days worth of weekends for trying to poison his wife. (You won’t be surprised to hear the Cos has an opinion here, too.)

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Worst of 2019 Episode One

This week begins the first of several episodes recapping the worst of 2019, including: A drunken buffoon flings shit around a $30 a night hotel in Memphis, a comatose woman gives birth, a woman services a guy for $5 and Pringles, a guy fiddles his rod in front of a pizza delivery girl, and a homeless drags a dead raccoon into a McDonald’s.

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S12E21: Jerry Cans and Gas Stations

This is a Jerry can.

This week: “Cat’s in the Kettle”, Jeff’s problems with traffic and other people, Disney+, Beto O’Rourke drops out, Robert Byrd’s senile racism, Joe Biden’s senility (and Corn Pop), “Ok Boomer” makes its debut, a hospital security guard was arrested for banging a corpse, a cop jerks off at a Luke Bryan concert – turns out, Luke Bryan is AWFUL, and you like his music, never listen again. Also, 15th anniversary ideas, and more.

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