Pass Over the White Boy

They were passing him all over the place.

Right off the bat this week, Brian plays a clip from a gay bathhouse documentary. Also, an old SNL sketch; a “daredevil” fell to his death and a vegan starved herself to death; Jeff finally says “chicky nugs”; a manatee’s sudden death; a man threatens kids; rocky boogers; a miracle surgery in Israel; a 26-year-old guy got away with being a high school student for 54 days; Old Timey Guy is cursing; a man murdered his girlfriend and lived with her corpse for two months; the John Denver Maneuver; local residents are being terrorized by a naked man; Brian changes his mind on DeSantis’ wife; a man is wanting for stealing over $4,000 worth of women’s underwear; various maid services; a woman badmouths a fat kid at a water park; Orson Welles and Raymond Burr; and Local H.

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